Here is a brief summary of our design process. We understand that every client’s project and requirements are unique to the individual/organisation so the process may differ from client to client.


1. Initial Complimentary Consultation / Meet and Agreement on Plan
Starting off with an initial complimentary consultation at our showroom on 422 Bridge Road – we will discuss the project requirements, your goals and what you hope to achieve from it. This includes planning the timeline and assessing the budget. Keeping these in mind, our team will conduct a site visit to inspect the space, take photos of the site, gather floor plans and take the initial measurements.

2. Preliminary Design Work and Conceptual Drawings
After the initial meet, preliminary design work based on these measurements will commence with conceptual drawings done up thereafter. A budgeted quote is presented along with the building process in accordance to your requirements and timeline, so as to ensure that it is per the brief that has been provided to us.


3. Finalisation of Design and Conceptual Drawings
Feedback from you will be taken into consideration and the drawings will be updated accordingly till you are satisfied with them. Upon approval of the conceptual drawings and signing off on the quote, design work will be chargeable at a fee and the first part of the building process is then kick-started.

4. Work-In-Progress and Specifications

During the building process, we pay high attention to detail and counter-check everything at each stage to ensure there is no room for error. Progress payments are requested at this stage, and you may visit our factory to check that all is on track. We will assist you in colour and material selection, hardware, finishes and raw materials that work best in your space and budget.

5. Construction
Upon finalisation and approval of the materials and finishing, the project management of the fit-outs are managed by us, so you need not worry about this as we will manage and liaise with the additional associate trades if required. All the work is done in-house and there is no sub-contracting. 


Your appliances are required to be sent to our factory as this will aid in an accurate installation and concurrently speed up the installation process.


6. Installation and Final Visit
You will be contacted to visit our factory to inspect the project before the final finishing occurs to ensure that you are happy with everything.